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Poster Advertising

A How-To Guide to Make Eye-Catching Posters

What Are Posters?

Posters are widely used as a marketing medium that’s perfect for temporary promotions or one-time events. With their diverse designs and alluring colours, posters have always been a well-received advertising medium. Unlike other advertising mediums, posters are usually used to convey short messages or promote a specific sale, product, or service.

Can’t differentiate between poster or flyer? Here’s our take...

Many are confused and may find it hard to distinguish between a poster and flyer for their similar dimensions and material. But the actual difference is their distribution method and target audience.

While flyers are distributed one by one to individuals, posters are normally found attached to noticeboards, and posted in shops, indoor, or outdoor walls.

Flyers target people who are interested in that particular event, product or service marketed. What gives posters their edge is how these beautiful impactful prints are meant for both no one and everyone. Almost anyone can walk by posters and appreciate the message and aesthetics displayed.

When it comes to promoting products or services, having a great poster can enhance brand awareness and make positive impressions. On the other hand, for social awareness campaigns, great posters can encourage the general audience to actively think about the issues brought up and effectively spread awareness.

5 Benefits to Poster Advertising

1. Versatility

Just like any other advertising medium, there are times when some campaigns won’t turn out like we planned to. Not every poster campaign is going to be a sure success.

But with posters, experimenting with new designs, tones, styles, and trying out different ideas can be a lot easier as messages can be interpreted in various ways flexibly. This makes posters a great way for figuring out the likes and dislikes of both the general public and also your target audience.

2. Mass Impact

Compared to other marketing mediums, posters place greater emphasis on visuals, namely the design, tone, and overall aesthetics. This is why almost everyone is more receptive to posters which make advertising look so stress-free and fun, without coming across as too salesy or intrusive. Who doesn’t like good eye candy, right?

3. Affordable & quick production

One sure advantage of poster advertising is always the affordability. From production to distribution, it doesn’t take too much HR power, cost, or time, compared to other mediums to effectively execute a poster campaign.

It is also far more cost-effective to opt for posters as these prints are usually mass-produced and can easily be designed, using quality graphic design software’s like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator.

4. Less is More

With posters, it’s all about conveying short simplistic messages that impact and provide value. Instead of packing too much information into one print, hence overwhelming potential leads, posters have shown that people are more likely to remember and recall things they’ve seen on these prints.

Poster advertising is deemed more comfortable than other advertising mediums as the contents displayed can be more easily processed and understood.

5. Credibility

Consumers are tired of seeing the same old sales ads and promotions trying to pitch their magical products and ‘amazing’ service. Posters are a great medium to breaking that cycle.

By providing quality content and relaying positive messages, you are potentially building a community or mission idea that people may desire to be a part of. Credibility is all about being real and relatable, the more value you provide through a good looking poster, the more this allows people to view your business as an authority.

Types of Poster Printing

Poster printing includes everything from the format to orientation, from paper material to refining. Many view poster design as the cornerstone of a good poster, this is true to some point. However, getting the right print variety matters for providing a good foundation for the printing process to run smoothly without hiccups or ink blobs, which in turn, only leads to unwanted additional costs.

Here are 3 main parts of poster printing elements you need to know to customise your posters.

1. Format and Sizes

Getting the right format is vital to producing posters with high-quality images as paper size may influence the resolution and design planning.

What most printing services offer for paper size and format selection are perfect for posting on noticeboards and non-complex designs:

  • A4
  • A3

Others do have wider selection for larger posters and bigger display, making room for more creativity:

  • A2
  • A1
  • A0
  • B1
  • B2

2. Paper Type

Most paper types are dependable on the paper format or size chosen so do keep in mind that some paper material variation may only be available to a certain paper format.

  • White paper Strong, basic wood-free option that’s alkali-proof and highly durable even under wet, hot conditions, thus making this material suitable for outdoor advertising. Supports only one-sided printing.
  • Adhesive-free paper Consisting of 2 layers (thick polypropylene + cardboard backing), posters made of this paper sticks effortlessly by means of static charge to any non-porous, smooth, clean surfaces like glass, wood, marble, metal etc. Apply or remove without making a mess. Adheres nicely for around 3 months
  • Coated paper This selection is perfect for adding an extra layer of protection to your posters, extending their period of effectiveness. Both single or double-coated paper usually comes with the option of matte or glossy finishes.
  • Offset-pressed paper Some printing services do offer paper that are LED-UV offset-pressed which are of better quality so you might want to keep a look out for this. Can also be used in laser printers and copiers for office use. It’s high degree of whiteness improves the contrast of posters and enhances the crispiness of printed text and colours.
  • PVC Waterproof Shield your poster material and print ink quality from humidity and damp conditions for longer lifespan.

3. Refinement

  • UV varnish Preserve the quality of the colour, image and texture of posters from high temperatures by adding an extra layer of “sun-screen”.
  • Lamination Increase the durability and lifespan of your posters extensively with added waterproofing, dust-resistance and a thicker barrier layer.

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