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Give Warm Greetings with Christmas Cards

The Complete Guide to Printing, Material and Message Ideas

We’re nearing the holiest, jolliest season of the year once again, Christmas.

At this point, we’re all planning out our to-buy lists of Christmas gifts for all our beloved family members, friends and lovers.

Christmas is a season of joy and because it arrives 6 days before the end of the year, it’s also a festive day when we relay our feelings and thoughts of gratitude for the soon-to-pass year.

Speaking of gratitude, there are countless ways of expressing what we’re thankful for and who we’re grateful towards.

Showing gratitude is simply taking action to relay our appreciation. It could be through gift items or even a sincere “thank you”, plus a big bear hug.

But one thing you might think of, other than Christmas songs or Christmas trees, during Christmas, is Christmas cards.

By the end of this guide you’ll have all you need to know to get the right type of Christmas card, write an impactful greetings message as well as how to design your card beautifully.

What is a Christmas Card

Let’s take a moment here…

Looking back this year, have you had any moments that you’re grateful for, people you miss, times you’d like to reminisce about with someone, or warm memories you made?

Whether the…

  • words that you mean to say takes too much courage
  • feelings you desire to relay can’t be put into words
  • person you want to thank is halfway across the country

A Christmas Card can be the perfect gift for telling someone how you feel and what you’re thankful for through the power of words.

For a bigger effect, use the golden combination, which is to attach a Christmas Card onto a present. Then, you’ll make an even more heart-warming impression on your loved ones.

Finding the right Card Printing

Can’t decide on a christmas card print?

Trying to figure out the perfect christmas card size, material and type?

What suits sending to a loved one may not necessarily be the right choice to give to the boss you wish to impress as a good employee or to customers you wish to thank.

Greeting Card Types

There are two main greeting card types to choose for your Christmas Card.

  • 1. Folded Greeting Card There are 2 types of folded greeting cards, horizontal opening and vertical opening. If you’re looking for something to make your colleagues, boss, business partners, clients or loved ones feel remembered, opting for this card type is perfect.
  • 2. Enveloped Greeting Card The enveloped greeting card can give off a more formal vibe to the occasion, depending on the type of design. This makes it the right choice to give to valued customers, or simply people you appreciate a lot.

But you don’t have to worry too much on the type to choose as both types can work perfectly fine for corporate, charity, personal and any other uses. It solely depends on your preferences.

Format Sizes

Types of format sizes to choose for your greetings card:

  • 5×7 inches: The standard greeting card size.
  • 6×8 inches: This is a slightly larger card size.
  • 6×8 inches: This is a slightly larger card size.
  • 4×8 inches: This card size is long and narrow and genuinely unique to receive in the mail.
  • 5×5 inches: The perfect square-size card for hanging on the fridge.

Paper Material

When it comes to greeting cards like Christmas Cards, the paper material matters. Your Christmas Card paper weight should be anywhere between 170gsm to 300gsm.

It’s also better if you can get your greetings card made with environmentally-friendly FSC-certified paper which is normally made of 100% recycled paper material.

Writing the Perfect Christmas Message

Here are some ideas to fill your Christmas Cards with messages of warmth and sincerity.

  • Say a simple greeting It is Christmas. Keep your message short and sweet with a “Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”
  • Personalize messages for close families and friends It’s time to show your loved ones just how much you love and appreciate them for being an important presence in your life. Share some of your heartfelt moments or write down memorable memories of the year that you recall. You may start deep but always remember to finish off lightly and keep everything sincere from start to finish.
  • Keep things formal when writing to business relations Be sure to address your business relations right (you don’t want any awkward office moments after the festive season ends). If it is a business relation that's closer through countless times of partnership, it’s fine to add a few more fun elements to the card.
  • Spend time on your sign off You want to keep it unique and memorable such as ending the card with a sign-off in your own calligraphy style.

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